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James Marc Leas for Vermont Attorney General

Active for peace and social justice since he was a student at MIT during the 1960's, James Marc Leas is well known as a leader of IBM employee campaigns to restore pension and retirement medical benefits and compensate older IBMers laid off because of their age. He was active in campaigns against the Vietnam War, nuclear power, South African apartheid, the Israeli military occupations of Lebanon and Palestinian territories, and the war in Iraq. He helped organize a campaign in which all 50 state attorneys general filed an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court in a suit filed by Vietnam Veterans injured by Agent Orange. He also did legal research for the Brigham case, brought by the ACLU of Vermont, which overturned the previous grossly unfair education funding system. He did research for the Vermont AG's office to help defend Vermont's rBGH milk labeling law. A patent lawyer, Jimmy is a member of the Vermont Bar, the ACLU, the National Lawyers Guild, the American Intellectual Property Law Association, and the Vermont Green Party. He serves as a delegate to the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of the United States. Jimmy has two daughters, ages 16 and 12.

War in Iraq
* Support our soldiers and their families by bringing our troops home safely now.
* UN Secretary General Kofi Annan explicitly declared on September 15, 2004 that the war in Iraq is "illegal" and "in violation of the UN Charter."
* Vermont lost a disproportionate number of soldiers in this illegal war.
* Bush, Cheney, and other administration officials told bald faced lies about weapons of mass destruction, connection to Al Queda, imminent threats, and bringing democracy to Iraq, all to build popular support for this preemptive war to grab Iraq's oil.
* More than 170 city and county councils passed resolutions against this war, including San Francisco, LA, Denver, New Haven, Atlanta, Chicago, Gary, Des Moines, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Paul, Newark, Santa Fe, NYC, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Austin, Burlington, Charlottesville, Seattle, and Milwaukee.
* I will organize a broad national coalition of attorneys general, civic organizations, and individuals to file war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney, their war cabinet, and those large corporations--including Halliburton--responsible for launching this illegal war.
* Disgorge all profits gained from this war. Compensate soldiers and their families.
* The federal government must provide full medical and psychological support for soldiers injured in Iraq and previous wars.
* No more Vermonters killed or injured to continue Bush's illegal, immoral, and unjust war for oil.
* This war has made our country less secure.
* No more preemptive strikes.
* No more torturing prisoners.
* No new draft.

Constitutional rights:
* Repeal the Patriot Act, and oppose extension of provisions set to expire in 2005.
* End secret detentions, arrests without charges, no access to attorneys, the use of secret “evidence,” military tribunals for civilians, and the shredding of “probable cause” determinations.
* Protect free speech, assembly, and independent political action. Oppose all attempts to stifle dissent.
* Expand civil liberties to include rights in employment.
* Strengthen enforcement to protect equal rights regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, or religion.
* Oppose President Bush’s proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages.
* Reform the criminal injustice system in which one out of four of the world's prisoners are in the US, half of them non-violent, while many corporate criminals go free or get light sentences. Restore sentencing discretion to judges. Restore constitutional restraints on law enforcement that violate equal protection and due process of law.

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant:
* Stop the 20% "up rate" in power and stop the extension of Vermont Yankee's operating license. Instead, close and decommission Vermont Yankee now.
* Full support for clean energy, including Vermont hydro, wind, and solar which can more than replace the electricity of Vermont Yankee without the risk of a catastrophic accident.

Health care:
* Establish a single payer universal health care system in Vermont now to cover all Vermonters while maintaining choice, cutting administrative costs, and improving health care for all while lowering overall cost.
* Yes to drug re-importation.
* Tax enormous pharmaceutical company profits derived from gouging sick Americans.
* No burden shifting from large corporations. Make Wal-Mart, IBM, and other large corporations pay the full cost of medical insurance for their employees and retirees.

Corporations and their workers:
* File suit to protect older workers disproportionately laid off by IBM in Vermont in violation of Vermont age discrimination statutes.
* Raise wages in Vermont to a living wage.
* No offshoring jobs.
* No tax incentives for large profitable corporations that lay off workers or cut pay or benefits.
* No trade agreements that ship American jobs overseas or degrade pay and benefits.
* Tax executive pay derived from layoffs or cuts in pay/benefits.
* Expand the right to organize unions.
* Crack down on corporate crime, fraud and abuse that have just in the last four years looted and drained trillions of dollars from workers, investors, pension holders and consumers.
* Democratize corporate governance so shareholders have real power.
* Make corporations pay back ill-gotten gains.
* Rein in executive pay.
* Reform corporate “personage” rights. Corporations should not be entitled to the rights of immortal people.

Free elections:
* Implement Instant Runoff Voting to eliminate the spoiler effect, encourage more voices, ideas, and parties running in elections, and end the twin corporate party monopoly of political power.
* In 2000, less than half of the voting age population voted for a candidate of the two corporate parties.
* End corporate domination of the electoral system. Get corporate money out completely.
* Full public financing of elections.
* A government of, by, and for the people, not the corporations.

Click here to download Jimmy Leas' speech to supporters at the Ralph Nader campaign stop at UVM on October 5, 2004.

Contact: For more information about James Leas's campaign, e-mail or call 802-864-1575.

Want to help spread the word about this Green Party candidacy? Download a PDF Jimmy Leas flier here, or download the Jimmy Leas poster here.


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