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The Cure for Anybody But Bush Syndrome
Recognize the global crises of global poverty, global warming, global corporatization and global war Read more...

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The VGP is not just a new political party, it’s also a grassroots movement with diverse members from across Vermont. Join us now!

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2004 Election Perspectives

Read opinions on the 2004 election, the Green Presidential campaign, and the state of the Green Party from various national and state Green leaders. Submit your own opinion, too. Click here.

Vermont Green Party announces candidate election results

Get complete race-by-race results from the seven candidates' races in Vermont. Click here.

Volunteer to Grow the Green Party

Campaign season is upon us... No better time to help spread the word about Green values in Vermont. Click here to read the invitation from VGP Chair Craig Chevrier.

War parties vs. Greens

The debate over Iraq and other major issues is not Democrat vs. Republican, but the Green Party vs. the war parties. Click here for the full commentary from VGP Steering Committee member Meg Berlin.

Do the math! Who really spoiled the 2000 election?

The numbers don't lie! The Greens & Ralph Nader did not spoil the election for the Democrats. And the big loser wasn't Al Gore... it was us! Click here to see the articles.

Vermont Green Party Foundations

The Vermont Green Party (VGP) is built upon the foundation of Four Pillars of Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, and Nonviolence. Find out Who We Are, learn more about the VGP Mission and the 10 Key Values of the VGP.

Participate in the Vermont Greens Online Discussion Group

In addition to our VGP News & Events E-mail list, we've started an online discussion group! Talk over your ideas on politics and the upcoming election cycle with fellow Greens and the officers of the VGP. Learn more...

Say “No!” to Corporate Control

The Vermont Green Party does not take contributions from corporations! The VGP is a membership and donor driven political party, officially organizing as a recognized political party in the State of Vermont. We need your help to build and sustain a viable option to parties built on money from large corporations and destructive special interest groups. For information about becoming a member or to send a contribution, click here. Corporate control sometimes falls into criminal activties in which case Thrower & Schwartz charleston best criminal lawyers can find solutions for these breakers of the law. They can be found at www.lowcountrylawyerssc.com When the law is broken on the civil side Thrower & Schwartz DUI lawyer charleston can help here as well. When it comes to employment law Robinson allentown workers compensation attorney can work the case and can be found at http://robinsonlwyr.com/ They have worked miracles in the employment sector.


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